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In this growing business world Our Company’s major contribution is software application development to clients along with the support and maintenance. To withstand the competitive environment we can provide the clients with all the levels of service.

Our company can establish a competition in the market without downwards by merging all the existing software applications with the new changing technologies. As per the client’s requirement our company can provide the technical support in the software application development process.

We can analyse the limitations of the existing software and fulfil the any glitch with the implementation of the new software applications. In order to carry out the client necessity we can perform the continuous integration and test driven development to develop the high quality software initiatives.

The main focus of the our company basically on the client needs in any define requirements of design, develop, configure, integrate, test and implement of software applications along with the soft ware application development, maintenance and support.

We can custom the applications by using platforms of, Windows, embedded and mobile and languages C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Oracle,.NET,HTML.

Why US?

Boolean technologies Ltd. assist the clients by providing the services in the define requirements of design, develop, configure, integrate, test and implement of software applications.
We do also provide the support based services to trouble shooting and resolving the network and security related issues by using the most current technologies and techniques available in today’s business environment. All the services are provided in a reasonable price.

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