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Boolean technologies Ltd. can innovate various technical applications with a suitable price. All the end products can be flexible to all latest platforms. The present boom of the client requirement is the mobile applications management along with the desktop web applications. Our company can develop the output that can adhere to the mobile applications which can be operated easily...

Boolean technologies Ltd. can build the applications for the areas including the gaming, business, and residential as well. Our company can use different latest tools with various specialities with a cost effective manner for the end user.

Our mobile application services mainly focused on Android based mobile applications, Windows based mobile applications and cross platform mobile applications that can suitable to various platforms. All the developed applications can be securely flexible to different hosting environments. We can assist the client in some aspects of the projects like design, code development, quality assurance and project management upon the client’s request.

The mobile applications can be created by analysing the functional capability of various devices for the sake of user comfort. We can develop android applications by using the most popular platform of the Android Software Development Kit and all the applications can be creative and adaptable to various latest android smart devices. The windows based mobile applications can be developed securely by using windows Software Development Kit. All the applications can be performed smoothly with the windows operated smart devices.

We can mix the standard web technologies like HTML5,CSS3 and JavaScript with the most popular open sources framework like Sencha, phone Gap and Sprout core to develop cross platform applications.

Why US?

Boolean technologies Ltd. assist the clients by providing the services in the define requirements of design, develop, configure, integrate, test and implement of software applications.
We do also provide the support based services to trouble shooting and resolving the network and security related issues by using the most current technologies and techniques available in today’s business environment. All the services are provided in a reasonable price.

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