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One more active element in the software application development process is providing the support based services to the clients. Specific software products can get the technical support. The support may be long term contract basis or pay as you go, incident basis that totally depends on the client’s choice.

Boolean technologies Ltd. can provide the clients with the support services like the installation assistance, remote trouble shooting capabilities and basic usability assistance. we can assist the client s through the telephone or any kind of online communication to provide instant help. We can guide with the new application installation process and product updates. Our client may gain the information in the application development time to time.

Our risk migration plans can track the defects and manage the risks in the software maintenance of the client. To mount the software performance we can conduct the code revision that result in the standard maintenance of the software execution. For the convenience of the client our company can provide the database support as per the client request.

Why US?

Boolean technologies Ltd. assist the clients by providing the services in the define requirements of design, develop, configure, integrate, test and implement of software applications.
We do also provide the support based services to trouble shooting and resolving the network and security related issues by using the most current technologies and techniques available in today’s business environment. All the services are provided in a reasonable price.

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